Ayni Summit – Iceland 2011

For many years, Paqo’s from all over the world have met each summer to share and become friends – and to celebrate the joy of life on this beautiful planet earth. In the summer of 2011, from June 18th – 25th, the international gathering will be held in Iceland.
From our hearts, we welcome you to this magical part of Mother Earth on the ‘top of the world’. Here water and fire merge in natural alchemy, a beautiful and powerful energy of wisdom, that we so much need today to awaken to the creative Peace, that life is.
We will be sharing the dream that has carried the prophesies of the Ancient Ones; to live and celebrate life in AYNI – in sacred reciprocity with each other, Mother Earth and the Living Universe we are part of.

Please come join us in the spirit of AYNI!

And this is one of the many things that I will contribute with.

Learn of the Old Norse world tree, Yggdrasil and the energies in this cosmic structure.

The workshop will consist of intellectual description of the various energies and beings in this cosmic world tree. Followed by a guided meditation to Yggdrasil and the many beings.

Focus the journey in the Norse world tree, Yggdrasil. The three roots, the four powers for relations and the crown in the center of the universe! The three wells and their meaning and application of the unconscious, the perception of time and decay.

Guides for this is are:

The cosmic squirell that freely travels in Yggdrasil.

Per Lundberg
Swedish paqo initiated by Juan Nunes del Prado in 2003
Former Radsgodi of the organisation Samfundet Forn Sidr
Practicing healer, NLP coach and regression therapist.
Storyteller and craftsman.

Per in Rune meditation on beach in Marbella, Spain.
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