Earth Hour 26 march, 2011

This is one of the thing we want to do in the group “biggest experiment of Sweden”


We’ll see how consumers can influence the world, starting as a experimet in Sweden. The world or earth is sick and the rich get richer, ie large corporations, we, consumers can show that we want to make a change by trying together to make these three simple things.

NR1: Earth Hour on March 26:th, we will put all the lights out at home for 1 hour, electricity companies will earn less, big men get less money in their wallet and the earth feels better. At 20:30 to 21:30. more info

No. 2: Do not refuel the car 25:th week, especially on the 22:nd of June, then you will leave your car standing still. Petrol companies will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and will have to start thinking. Think of all the shares that are in all the world’s oil, imagine what chaos this would be?

This date is chosen because that was the day the first Shell petrol station opened in Sweden, June 22. You can put a man on the moon but we can not invent a clean car engine? The engine is over 100 years old invention, there is something strange around this, I am absolutely convinced that one can invent an engine that works with water.

NR3: We consume and consume a lot, the first giant food-stores were opened August 4, 1930, after that more and more has opened. Why are we consuming more, more and more? This will also destroy the earth. So the idea is that we should not buy anything on August

4:th: on a full day. It would be noticed … I know there is already a “Buy Nothing” day in the calendar on the 27:th of November, but why not try one more day? So will you be with the experiment of CONSUMER POWER? Join us in this experiment and see what happens in the world.

1: Turn off the lights on March 26th 20:30 to 21:30

2: Do not refuel the week 25 special on the 22nd June.

3: Buy nothing on the 4th Agusti (of course not even the 27th November)

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